Friday, January 1, 2010

Celestial Phenomenon

Watching celestial phenomenon with naked eye is once in life time achievement. At start of new year watched partial eclipse of moon. It is always fun to watch celestial events. Since they generally don't occur frequently. Today's eclipse was only third time I watched it in my life time. No wander  people travel so much to get glimpse of solar eclipse.

When I watched Halley's comet, in school days I felt blessed! I wanted to go near that comet and wanted to see each and every part of it's structure.  Especially it's tail, since I haven't seen anything like that before. I read every book available regarding comet and felt really happy I was able to see once in life time appearence of comet ( Every 75-76 years Halley's comet comes close to earth ).

Same is true about our milky way galaxy, I remember watching it couple of times when I woke up middle of night and sky was very clear and was able to see beautiful band of white light.
Because of one of my college professor, I was able to see some of other celestrial bodies like Saturn, Jupiter but I enjoyed most which I was able to see with naked eyes.

Other phenomenon I am still not able to see is "Northern lights". It appears in greenish glow. I should get chance to visit northen or southen hemispher ( and near pole) to see the phenomenon.

Watching NASA pictures of nebula, red/white dwarf star, feels like we should be alive when humans will able to travel such places which are many many light years  away.  I am very optimistic that with in hundreds years we can visualize this place not travelling physical but at least virtually.


Anonymous said...

please provide some more information or details about which you provide info in your blogs.

Anonymous said...

owe sum pictures !!!!!!
intersting facts of our universe!!!
keep it up dude!!!!!!!!!!

Abhinay Labade said...

Really intresting information. Also pictures are effective.