Monday, January 4, 2010


I wonder if there is anybody who has not seen avatar movie by now. I was waiting eagerly when I saw  promo  and  read about cost of making avatar (Rs. 1200 Crore..  How many generations of PATILs will   survive with this money?). As any sci-fiction addict, I was spellbound watching weird idea of  hanging mountains. How can anybody get this idea?

What puzzling was name of movie -"Avatar". Our Word, so used to it from childhood. I remember mother ( and now wife) talking about my "avatar" all the time. How come English pundit picked this word perfectly!  Some of my cousins had no idea about this word in English and thought typical Hindi movie and refused to watch. I have to tell about language, cost of movie and why it's necessary for us to watch this movie. I strongly feel with this kind of budget, at least movie will have good cinematography.

I was right there at theater on first day. Although it hurts badly to spend 1000 rupees for 4 people. But it was worth journey to outside World. Technological advances are beyond my imagination.

Coming back to name of movie, how avatar got in to English vocabulary? We can understand some of words like guru, pundit. But avatar is very difficult and already it  has predecessor  "incarnation".  Why did produced named "incarnation"?

I remember reciting incarnation in old days. Such a  difficult word for a complicated term and I felt very proud of knowing it. But using Avatar, I felt Angrez are not imperious about their language.
I wish many more Indian words get into English vocabulary, since it will be sweet reverse revenge to Angrez for ruling us.

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Anonymous said...


I also liked this movie a lot and thanks for sharing your views as well.

and yes, the "Avataar" concept is very good and I wish we should also get chance to change the body once in a lifetime. or maybe who knows, in future out technilogy will evolve that much advanced that really, once we are born and grown up, if we don't like the features with which we are born with, we will be able to change the whole body like plastic surgery people are having if some of the part of their body is not as per the mark they are expecting.

How funny it would be! just image, if you are going to change your body, you will have to take the approval from the government to change it and remove al earlier records with banks/government with your previous id proof you have submitted with your photograph/fingerprint on it. Gosh..looks like very bad idea when i think about maintaining the documents. :-(. But maybe our next genaration will be smart enough to work out this problem as well.