Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living thousands of lives

When you grow up in secured small towns (in 80s), your world seems very closed loop. You new very few people and by the time you start exploring town, there are hardly any person left who you don't know. Town's boundary are with in 5 km radius and there is vastness of agricultural land beyond that limit. Advancing beyond this radius was considered adventurous, but it used to give great joy walking around serene fields, streams and patches of trees. It was like our own "life form" shaping up in remote.

And now suddenly with internet and other technical advances no matter where we have got connected across globe. Earthquake, flooding  somewhere in corner but because of constant streaming pictures, started affecting us. Some movie star start blogging or twitting, we know what he is doing daily or sometimes hourly. Some one posting their pictures of travel, I feel like I also visited that place! Same is true with scientist, historians, architects. These online people have capacity to ride us in past or in future without time machine.  

In short we lives others life virtually, considering thousands of know, unknown people we interact, I feel like living thousands of lives.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How many science streams exists in academic world? By the time I finished 12 th I was only aware of A group (physics, chemistry, mathematics ) and B group (physics, chemistry, biology ) some variants around these four subjects. Once in a while I will read about excavation and always wonder how these people know where exactly to dig to find out some million year old fossil. It is still mystery to me,  but I came to know science branch anthropology .  This new science gave way to creation of film "Jurassic Park". To my opinion it is one of the best film, taking us back to Jurassic era. Geological time line itself is very difficult to understands since it discusses time line from 50 crore years on ward!

Scientists are not contented with discovering fossils but also study other elements to find out origin of life on earth! So paleontology is science which study entire history of life on earth. What a task, we have hard time to figure out what happened in our life while this science with dynamic biosphere of earth, extinct animals try to find out  prehistoric life.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gondeshwar Temple

Watching historical monuments itself is sheer joy. Monument withstanding test of time, sustaining extreme weather for hundreds of years, intentional/non intentional damage by humans itself tells monument's greatness.
Near my hometown I recently came to know about very old temple. It is spectacular with 2 big temples in center and 4 small temples at corner and whole area is well fenced with wall.

Like most of good historical site, reaching to this place was pain. Road leading to temple is very narrow and congested with crowd. There is no clear sign from main road to reach this place. Anybody from archeological department or MTDC (Maharashtra tourism development  corp.)is listening?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Linguistic World

In this wicked world we get biased immediately based "visuals" we observe. No wonder we immediately pay attention to highly visualized commercials, movies or flashing online news. I often found that daily bombardment of "visuals" which most of the time are related to negative news, affect us badly -- at least deep inside our mind. We get "used to" it and get along with our lives but somewhere it has caused damage to our inner self.
In place of spending our large amount time reading/watching these kind of visuals, if we spend more time with quality book which has good narration in addition to proper usage of language,  it is very motivating and enriching experience even with our language skills! That also get reflected in our speaking, writing!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Monsoon makes such a difference with environment, we actually can't visualize because while watching any scenery we  can't compare what exactly place was few days back. So this time I decided to capture same scenery at different months.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Inception -- can we do it to our mind?

Watched Inception accidentally, what a movie!!! I don't recollect watching sci-fi movie with such depth or levels. Creation of real and dream world is fabulous and person's struggle for "fixing" mistakes/events in past conscious and unconscious state of mind is just fantastic. Rather than explaining movie, I will strongly recommend to watch this movie.

While watching Leonardo DiCaprio, I also wondered our struggle to fix things in past and looking better future. But past events, relationship, again and again ambush memory activations of those events .. deliberately, knowing and unknowing by our mind or some extend by people and environment, makes sure we live in circle of depressing past.

PAST activities which has no reference other than some memory imprints not only destroys presents but sows perfect battle ground for future. Worse thing is no matter how hard you try to change that environment, you can't eradicate past. I think I am in limbo -- rightly mentioned in movie ONLY problem is in movie characters goes in limbo in their dreams while I am in reality.