Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How many science streams exists in academic world? By the time I finished 12 th I was only aware of A group (physics, chemistry, mathematics ) and B group (physics, chemistry, biology ) some variants around these four subjects. Once in a while I will read about excavation and always wonder how these people know where exactly to dig to find out some million year old fossil. It is still mystery to me,  but I came to know science branch anthropology .  This new science gave way to creation of film "Jurassic Park". To my opinion it is one of the best film, taking us back to Jurassic era. Geological time line itself is very difficult to understands since it discusses time line from 50 crore years on ward!

Scientists are not contented with discovering fossils but also study other elements to find out origin of life on earth! So paleontology is science which study entire history of life on earth. What a task, we have hard time to figure out what happened in our life while this science with dynamic biosphere of earth, extinct animals try to find out  prehistoric life.

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