Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolution Time

Happy New Year 2010 to everybody..

New year celebration doesn't make much sense. Goto any tourist place and it's already packed. Traffic is mad, beaches are crowded, so the theme park. I remember visiting Florida Universal Studios for new year celebration. We missed morning flight, reschedule flight to noon, drove through traffic to Orlando.Finally reached around 11:00 PM for celebration. Park was full of people and wondering about it was worth traveling more than 10 hours. I was so tired and wanted just go to sleep as soon as possible.
After that year I never tried to get out of home for new year celebration.  I just sit at home, surf channels to see some good events in past and ponder about how year gone by for me.

That reminds me to check my last year's resolutions and mostly are unfulfilled.  Even though I don't fulfill I like to  write resolution for new year. It is not very difficult for me anyway, it's almost same year after year...

Weight loss -- Try to reduce at least 10 kg . This resolution weighs around 90% compare to other resolution. Even with high weighting factor  for this resolution,  by end of year I end with couple of more kg! What to do if there is so much good food around.

List has other points but they are very insignificant compare to weight loss. It includes efficiency, learning new skills, not using sarcastic words ( another difficult job!).

Best wishes to your New Year Resolution ..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost In Drinks

Other day I was going for a walk, and saw one drunk person. He was barely able to stand. At the same time children playing on street hit plastic ball at him. He collected ball and was trying to throw ball. Some how he was able to grab ball , he has to reheals  throughing of ball for few times, before throwing it 5 feet. I was curiously watching his hand-brain non co-ordination. After throwing ball, he immediately passed out on road, murmuring something.

How can people lie on ground number of hours? Not even bothering about their cleanliness, social status or anything else. Some might argue it's only in lower income group, but better positioned people will do the same thing in closed walls.

Some people are alcoholic, but lot of time I feel like people want to get disconnected with their body from brain, just get rid of what happened on particular day be it hardship, mental stress. Or it may be some lingering issue in life (so that they can have excuse to drink!)

I am not supporting alcoholic but I feel like emotionally these people are flicker minded and try to find some escape from their condition, some disciplined life style can avoid getting into habit or getting out of habit.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favorite Place -- Western Ghat

I have been to few places across world but what amuses me is sheer beauty of western ghat. It's unique in nature, it's bio diversification. Most importantly I get connected with it, may be it's because I lived in the same region and I feel like it's back yard to my home.

Most importantly while climbing mountains, it gives me immense pleasure of testing my endurance. Also I feel connected to nature,  tranquility from daily urban life, indigenous people. These people share their world - be it's food, water, Cultural festival - like holi, jatra.

Culturally also I feel connected to remote parts of western ghats. There will always be small temple or cave, water storage.

While climbing final steep slope, I feel my insignificance and  greatness of mother earth. It is researched that unique formation of western ghat is triggered by volcanic irruption few million years back and formation of basalt rock.

 It is also origin for number of rivers which passes through Maharashtra and some part of southern states!

I just hope rapid industrialization in this region shouldn't spoil unique phenomenon of nature.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Multi tasking

These days you see lot of people multi tasking. Calling some one on phone at the time typing something on computer, discussing something with somebody or most probably with wife. When I see someone doing this I felt like they incarnation of  some God/Goddess with more than 2 hands fighting fanatically with evil. I mean how can people manage multi tasking?

My body is designed ONLY for single tasking, I never able to task even two things. When I was in school I spent all my time playing gulli sports like vitti dandu, lapachappi.  My father used to call me Ikanath (Person obsessed with one task - playing ). If I would able to multi task, I could have able to study and saved myself from corporal punishment.

Some how I managed college and some of job years, may be single mindedness of getting degree and earning some money might have worked.

Now my body is resisting to single task as well, now it is demanding once a while nap, channel surfing. Is it because of laziness or body itself is giving up demand for work?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Emotional Insurance

I had discussion with one of my well wishers about life insurance. Previously also lot of friends, relatives who are insurance agent try to persuade me to buy life insurance, but never paid much attention considering just one of marketing product.

Yesterday was differnt since well wisher was genuine in his discussion and his presentation was very good. As he  had gone through the slides and I started thinking of world without me. First place it's very hard to imagine world without us.

In fact world doesn't make sense much if we are not there. As famously quoted in movie 2012 "World as we know it,  will end", so my first reaction was why to care about days where I am not exist. Already I am too much worried about my retirement plan and wondering if  I will have enough money to get pension.

But slides managed to induce fear in me about what will happen to my dear once, once I exit abrouptly though this world.
Thought came in my mind, this whole insurance will take care of my dear once financial needs what about emotional needs  and just "being there" need. I felt this second need is also very much important as financial one. This can only be done by some person! Yes some person can be insurance for your emotional need, like if father is not there mother is and so on.

During my life time I also realized I was also "emotional insurance " some people. Guilt felt my heart as remembered I failed  in emotional insurance police. To start with I remember one of friend who had video renting stored in Sangamner. He used to be with me whenever I was in Sangamner, even he came all over to Delhi just to give me company for my fist out of state adventure.

Similarly one of my uncle was willing to  give all his life savings to get me admitted to private engineering or medical college. I mean just gesturing that he can gave entire his megre life savings to nephew, was great.  (He thought I was one of brilliant student in Patil clan, who doesn't even secured place in government college.)

List is endless there are so many people who filled our old days with immense joy with their small deeds and expects us to give some time in once in while. But unfortunately with our "routine" life we don't have time to do that.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Genealogical History

Everybody wonders aout their roots, during my childhood (not now!) I always felt my existence is special
and their is great dynasty might have occured to produce me. As I come to terms with world and it's system, I realized futility of my own existance but obsession for ancestors still exists.

My parents stayed in Sangamner, their parents lived near Patan (Dist Satara) and their parents in near by village. Since my great grand father was farmer  and considering pre industrial era (at least in part of satara)
it's safe to say even his great grandfather and his great grand father must be a farmer. We can approximate till 1600. Since we were "PATILS"  (Ruler of Village) and that hierarchy might have started at the time of Shivaji Ruling. Even it is said that Deshumukh/Patilki started  around 1200 during some Muslim ruler... but what about before that?? How ancestors might  have ended up in remote area of Koyana valley, where did they migrate from??

Since we don't have any historical document, we need some kind of scientific experiment to find where we might have migrated? Recent scientific study says human originated in south-west africa and later they migrated first in asia and then other parts of world. First migration is definitely south indians (Dravidian), aborigine in Australia. Some where down the line more migration occurred in Asia and some what this brownish looking people occupied middle part of india.
So my ancestors might be mix of Dravidian and 2nd migration. But this study is very vague and doesn't generate migration pattern of ancestor. In my opinion study of Mitochondrial DNA will definitely solve this puzzle. Mitochondrial DNA is DNA which is transmitted from mother to child. So every person has some foot print of "original african mother"! As we deviate from our African ancestry, this DNA gets mutated. This mutational tells us who were our ancestors (at least from mother side)!

P.S. How ironic it is! On paper we try to propagate paternal immortality continuing father side surname but nature actually propagates maternal immortality!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Favorite Pagadi!!!

I love colorful pagadies!! Don't get confused with rajastani or panjabi pagadi, we do see these pagadies very often daily life as well as on small/big screen. But my favorite pagadies resides very much deep inside Maharashtra, so even if you are in Maharashtra, you don't see these pagadies in urban areas.

 But you go towards Shrigonda, Kolhapur, Saswad, you start seeing red, purple and yellow turbans respectively. These turbans are mostly wore by shepherds  but you can see many farmers also wearing these turban. Origin of turban might be for protecting from sun, but why such a huge size??

Color might be because of ancestral gods.. yellow because of khandoba (Jejuri), purple because of Jyotiba (kolhapur). If anybody has pictures of maharashtrian pagadi ( except puneri pagadi.. it's all over internet and well marketed!), please do email me.

Jekyll and Hyde

You must have heard of more than century old book Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It discusses about split personality, means same person can have two personalities which are very different from each other. Mostly one will be good and other will be evil. Before reading book I saw movie on it and thought of regular movie. But movie rose my interest regarding book.
As I started reading book, I realized that it's not only fiction but very much true with anybody. Lot of people  has split personality, one portrait clean image based on social system but inside his mind there is other personality which is more rebellious to social system and very aggressive for it's desire. Even that personality won't hesitate to do sinful act [as per society, it may be natural], I have noticed second personality surfacing at extreme stress, bad situation or while consuming alcohol.

For me, whenever I woke up and look into mirror, I wonder which personality mask I am wearing? If I am pissed off, I see darker shade of myself and feels like my evil self is out. That's the reason I hate seeing myself in mirror. I think in my mind I have lots of Hyde personalities, how about you?

Weak link in family

I had very interesting conversation with one of my friend about weak link in family.
We agreed on one thing that every family has at least one weak link which causes family's downfall --
socially or financially. This conversation caused me lot of thinking at that night.
How easily we mark our relatives which are burden to family as weak link. If we consider
life path for that particular relative, it is very easy for "not burden/successful" relative would have
followed same path in particular environ which caused deviation in path with his weak link family member.

And how conveniently we used weak link's time since he is burden..

1. Go to bank and update pass book. Not to mention other paper work like electric bill, telephone bill, property tax.
2. Look after house, car.
3. Look after aging parents -- take them to doctor, to relatives, to marriage.

List is endless, being a dependent, he/she can't leave house. But do we ever consider emotional turmoil going through their mind. If you see carefully anybody can be weak link, even decent earning brother will feel dwarf if he has very successful brother or sister. Think about you as average engineer, having brother like Sachin Tendulakar. No matter how hard engineer try in his life, he won't be "Sachin" and get tag of weak link!!

To me in family no one is weak link, it's part of family. As long as we or members are surviving we need to consider as a UNIT because of consanguinity.

Age/ financial status shouldn't cause tearing apart of basic fabre of family.

Spock Philosophy - Solution to emotional problem

Most of sensitive people gets disturbed or charged easily since emotions prompt them to take action . These people gets swayed by emotion and ultimately fail because of their action. Being very emotional person with some of my ideology, I tend to react immediately and causing sever emotional problem to self. Post analysis of emotional problem, I think Spock philosophy is ultimate answer to it.
Spock Star Trek fame, is fictional person without emotions. Spock acts according only to the principles of reason or, in his words, logic.
What a simple philosophy to get out of emotional problems, wait for a second think about problem LOGICALLY and accordingly plan future action. Hard part of Spock logic is emotions are not events, it's memory block which keep reminding us events, people and what people said until we forget remembering.

If we can avoid reacting to emotions and sink it for a while like Spock, we may achieve satisfaction caused by emotional problem.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Definition of Relationship

Ever wonder about what exactly mean by relationship? I always have tough time to understand relationship and what makes relationship work. We see people passionate about their relationship as a friend, husband, daughter forever.
Once we involved in one particular relationship, it is impossible to keep same relation where it is started.

I think with in long term relationship we have series of short term-relationship. Ever wonder about those short term-relationship? May be that state of short term relationship may be small with larger context of relationship, but it redefines our original relationship. No wonder we see friends becoming best friends, lovers getting married, from group of people emerging leader, small quarrel leading to killing of friend.

Benchmark for any relationship is how it gets evolved over time . But what changes over the time, which causes relationship to change? Is it surrounding of people, status of people, time committed to relation or it just comes down to interpersonal communication skills?
Very confusing...