Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Favorite Pagadi!!!

I love colorful pagadies!! Don't get confused with rajastani or panjabi pagadi, we do see these pagadies very often daily life as well as on small/big screen. But my favorite pagadies resides very much deep inside Maharashtra, so even if you are in Maharashtra, you don't see these pagadies in urban areas.

 But you go towards Shrigonda, Kolhapur, Saswad, you start seeing red, purple and yellow turbans respectively. These turbans are mostly wore by shepherds  but you can see many farmers also wearing these turban. Origin of turban might be for protecting from sun, but why such a huge size??

Color might be because of ancestral gods.. yellow because of khandoba (Jejuri), purple because of Jyotiba (kolhapur). If anybody has pictures of maharashtrian pagadi ( except puneri pagadi.. it's all over internet and well marketed!), please do email me.

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