Sunday, December 27, 2009

Emotional Insurance

I had discussion with one of my well wishers about life insurance. Previously also lot of friends, relatives who are insurance agent try to persuade me to buy life insurance, but never paid much attention considering just one of marketing product.

Yesterday was differnt since well wisher was genuine in his discussion and his presentation was very good. As he  had gone through the slides and I started thinking of world without me. First place it's very hard to imagine world without us.

In fact world doesn't make sense much if we are not there. As famously quoted in movie 2012 "World as we know it,  will end", so my first reaction was why to care about days where I am not exist. Already I am too much worried about my retirement plan and wondering if  I will have enough money to get pension.

But slides managed to induce fear in me about what will happen to my dear once, once I exit abrouptly though this world.
Thought came in my mind, this whole insurance will take care of my dear once financial needs what about emotional needs  and just "being there" need. I felt this second need is also very much important as financial one. This can only be done by some person! Yes some person can be insurance for your emotional need, like if father is not there mother is and so on.

During my life time I also realized I was also "emotional insurance " some people. Guilt felt my heart as remembered I failed  in emotional insurance police. To start with I remember one of friend who had video renting stored in Sangamner. He used to be with me whenever I was in Sangamner, even he came all over to Delhi just to give me company for my fist out of state adventure.

Similarly one of my uncle was willing to  give all his life savings to get me admitted to private engineering or medical college. I mean just gesturing that he can gave entire his megre life savings to nephew, was great.  (He thought I was one of brilliant student in Patil clan, who doesn't even secured place in government college.)

List is endless there are so many people who filled our old days with immense joy with their small deeds and expects us to give some time in once in while. But unfortunately with our "routine" life we don't have time to do that.

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