Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weak link in family

I had very interesting conversation with one of my friend about weak link in family.
We agreed on one thing that every family has at least one weak link which causes family's downfall --
socially or financially. This conversation caused me lot of thinking at that night.
How easily we mark our relatives which are burden to family as weak link. If we consider
life path for that particular relative, it is very easy for "not burden/successful" relative would have
followed same path in particular environ which caused deviation in path with his weak link family member.

And how conveniently we used weak link's time since he is burden..

1. Go to bank and update pass book. Not to mention other paper work like electric bill, telephone bill, property tax.
2. Look after house, car.
3. Look after aging parents -- take them to doctor, to relatives, to marriage.

List is endless, being a dependent, he/she can't leave house. But do we ever consider emotional turmoil going through their mind. If you see carefully anybody can be weak link, even decent earning brother will feel dwarf if he has very successful brother or sister. Think about you as average engineer, having brother like Sachin Tendulakar. No matter how hard engineer try in his life, he won't be "Sachin" and get tag of weak link!!

To me in family no one is weak link, it's part of family. As long as we or members are surviving we need to consider as a UNIT because of consanguinity.

Age/ financial status shouldn't cause tearing apart of basic fabre of family.

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