Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favorite Place -- Western Ghat

I have been to few places across world but what amuses me is sheer beauty of western ghat. It's unique in nature, it's bio diversification. Most importantly I get connected with it, may be it's because I lived in the same region and I feel like it's back yard to my home.

Most importantly while climbing mountains, it gives me immense pleasure of testing my endurance. Also I feel connected to nature,  tranquility from daily urban life, indigenous people. These people share their world - be it's food, water, Cultural festival - like holi, jatra.

Culturally also I feel connected to remote parts of western ghats. There will always be small temple or cave, water storage.

While climbing final steep slope, I feel my insignificance and  greatness of mother earth. It is researched that unique formation of western ghat is triggered by volcanic irruption few million years back and formation of basalt rock.

 It is also origin for number of rivers which passes through Maharashtra and some part of southern states!

I just hope rapid industrialization in this region shouldn't spoil unique phenomenon of nature.


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