Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jekyll and Hyde

You must have heard of more than century old book Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It discusses about split personality, means same person can have two personalities which are very different from each other. Mostly one will be good and other will be evil. Before reading book I saw movie on it and thought of regular movie. But movie rose my interest regarding book.
As I started reading book, I realized that it's not only fiction but very much true with anybody. Lot of people  has split personality, one portrait clean image based on social system but inside his mind there is other personality which is more rebellious to social system and very aggressive for it's desire. Even that personality won't hesitate to do sinful act [as per society, it may be natural], I have noticed second personality surfacing at extreme stress, bad situation or while consuming alcohol.

For me, whenever I woke up and look into mirror, I wonder which personality mask I am wearing? If I am pissed off, I see darker shade of myself and feels like my evil self is out. That's the reason I hate seeing myself in mirror. I think in my mind I have lots of Hyde personalities, how about you?

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