Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spock Philosophy - Solution to emotional problem

Most of sensitive people gets disturbed or charged easily since emotions prompt them to take action . These people gets swayed by emotion and ultimately fail because of their action. Being very emotional person with some of my ideology, I tend to react immediately and causing sever emotional problem to self. Post analysis of emotional problem, I think Spock philosophy is ultimate answer to it.
Spock Star Trek fame, is fictional person without emotions. Spock acts according only to the principles of reason or, in his words, logic.
What a simple philosophy to get out of emotional problems, wait for a second think about problem LOGICALLY and accordingly plan future action. Hard part of Spock logic is emotions are not events, it's memory block which keep reminding us events, people and what people said until we forget remembering.

If we can avoid reacting to emotions and sink it for a while like Spock, we may achieve satisfaction caused by emotional problem.

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