Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bird Sanctuary

Watching birds in tranquil setting of nature is heavenly experience. Finding such a places is tough task considering rampant urbanization and havoc caused by humans all around. Surprisingly I found one  while visiting  old temples. First place I didn't expect water nearby that temple since it was not monsoon season. But because of back water from one of dam ahead there was ample of water around. This backwater caused swamped region around temple region. So there were many types of birds around like different types of duck, goose, king fisher etc.
Hope to visit many places like this..


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pravara Sangam

When you visit some ancient place which is not public known, it throws you back into ancient times... Huge temples using boulders, walls at least 2 feet thick on which you can easily walk around. Recently visited similar place. Because of back water from nearby dam temples which was located displaced town are almost in water. To visit few temples you have to use boat to reach there.
Because of swamp it also attracts many birds, along with ancient temples we were able to see many migratory birds in that area.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Visit to Sugar Factory

It's been while I visited any industrial plants. I like to watch gigantic machineries in plants but some how never got chance to visit any factory. One of friend wanted to show sugar factory to his kid, that made me to think why shouldn't visit sugar factory which is close to my town? It will be also nice for Adwait to watch how sugar cane is turned into sugar. Last time I visited same plant was 30 years back.. It's been long time to go to that place..
We just wonder how socio-economical, political power houses withstands time. Our towns economy, politics always remained involved around this factory.
Back to industry, watching sugar lifting cranes, massive  crushers, boilers is eye popping. Once juice start thickening at each stage, technicians working their will show us samples of syrup. At final stage when we see crystalline sugar after washing is just fun.