Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pravara Sangam

When you visit some ancient place which is not public known, it throws you back into ancient times... Huge temples using boulders, walls at least 2 feet thick on which you can easily walk around. Recently visited similar place. Because of back water from nearby dam temples which was located displaced town are almost in water. To visit few temples you have to use boat to reach there.
Because of swamp it also attracts many birds, along with ancient temples we were able to see many migratory birds in that area.



YOGESH said... do u know this place...r u from pravarasangam...I was in SSESP...I live in kaygaon...nice post..especially pics...I miss it..

prashantpatil said...

Yes place is nice.. I am not from that area but accidentally found the place.