Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Generation Eraser

Today went to meet one of family friend who was ill for few days. I had impression she had some minor surgeory. Although they didn't disclose what illness is but from her discussion it looks like she had some major problem. I had tough time to see her bedridden
since lady was in very good health just two months back -- very discipline, active, health consious.

Last couple of years whatever place I visit, I see lot of people from parents generation just vanished.. or whoever is alive are hardly active. We say life span has increased from 60-80 or 90s but I see so many relatives in their sixties getting wiped out.

If we look back be it native place, work place you notice same thing, giant erasor has removed some people from scene along with your memories, they shared with you. It gives me big void in my brain. New generation busy with their new technological world, while my generation keeping pace with new generation + solving their own issues.

In short place is becoming very align to me ..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Can you image what dress you will be wearing in next 30 years? I never imagined that Dada Kondke's half pant or 3/4th will be prominent this decade. While watching Dada Kondke's movies I wondered who might be wearing this kind of pant other than him? I had been to remote villiages but never able to saw that short. But look out now you will hit with 3/4th all over places .. malls, drivers, theaters. How about unisex vests? Who might have come up with this idea?

I will define fashion as "most comfortable weirdest thing"

I won't be surprised if we see 'ld stripped underpants becoming as regular pant in coming years!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Monsoon.. Floating Life Line

There is some magic about word monsoon.. whenever I hear this word.. I feel cool moist breeze around me. After scorching summer, I eagerly wait for monsoon to arrive from mid of may. If it arrives as schedule my body get rejuvenated instantly. Suddenly I get energy to survive (literally) otherwise feels very depress with heat and surrounding yellow and dry land. Once you get drenched in rain all personal problems just washes away.

Phenomenon must be because of natural cycle.. rain causing ending "old" and start of new season.. new life..     

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monkeying Around

We almost get lost in our day to day routines and worrying about what we have and not have. But hardly we get chance to look 98.9% of DNA which is believed to be exact replica of our ancestor - Chimpanzee. Finding chimpanzee in western ghat is out of question but we do see lot of it's distance cousins -- MONKEY.

While visit to one of temple, I saw many monkeys around tree .. having peaceful meal of Jambul Even my instinct of eating Jambul got activated and I feasted on dusty jambul lying on road. What a test!! Later spent time chasing them for photos, monkeys might be wondering why I was acting like them!

Feel sad photographing them, once ample creatures around our patan home. We used to through stones, mango seeds, in return we will also used to get mango or sometime chasing by monkey.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

min(e)d trap

Life has such infinite paths, if we can't manvour it properly, we end up
standing on mind trap. After wrong moves by us through out our lives especially with eduction, career, relationship we come to stage we don't see any positive moves left to explore.. ANY move in any direction causes mine we are standing on to explode and we left strangled in same position to some miracle to happen and get us out of this situation. But in reality we know we know there is no out ..
As famously said in Star Trek by Spock: If there are self-made purgatories, then we all have to live in them. Mine can be no worse than someone else's.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hills And Valleys

Sometimes in our long life we wonder how we survive. Especially for me I never had great ambition to do anything.   with no aim sometimes is very tough to roam around especially in competitive world, at least we have to struggle to make ends meet. Aimless survival became my ultimate life. Said definition itself is frightening and I always wondered how I survived till date without going mad or dead. Answer lies in beautiful land of western ghat - Each formation of hills and valleys are unique throughout ghat. Fortunately both my parents came from Koyana Valley and I spent most of my life in city Pune which is also in middle of ghat. Beautiful scenery around your daily living is really blessing. I tried to capture beauty of ghat so many time but because of my inadequate knowledge of photography, lack of patiences, I never able to capture beauty of it. 

Sometimes I tried to create panoramic images but image merging, stitching was painful and end image was worse than single images. But now with photoshop cs4, you can automatically stitch images!!  Because of that I am able to capture some of location around my places..
From panorama-pune
Kothrud Pune

From panorama-pune
Pashan Lake, Pune

From panorama-pune
Cricket @ Shikshak Nagar, Kothrud, Pune

From panorama - valley
Koyana Valley from Urul Ghat

From panorama - valley
Auspicious Mountain of Rudreshwar

From panorama - valley
Scenic Route to Patan

From panorama - valley
Koyana River -- Life Line of Region

From panorama - valley

From panorama - valley

Satara City - Ajinkya Tara Fort