Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monkeying Around

We almost get lost in our day to day routines and worrying about what we have and not have. But hardly we get chance to look 98.9% of DNA which is believed to be exact replica of our ancestor - Chimpanzee. Finding chimpanzee in western ghat is out of question but we do see lot of it's distance cousins -- MONKEY.

While visit to one of temple, I saw many monkeys around tree .. having peaceful meal of Jambul Even my instinct of eating Jambul got activated and I feasted on dusty jambul lying on road. What a test!! Later spent time chasing them for photos, monkeys might be wondering why I was acting like them!

Feel sad photographing them, once ample creatures around our patan home. We used to through stones, mango seeds, in return we will also used to get mango or sometime chasing by monkey.

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