Saturday, October 23, 2010

My First FIR

Never in life you feel like you have balanced your activities and can live routine life without disturbing peace of mind. More you try to adjust with your environment, your own strengths and limitations, some of ugliness will
eventually pop up once in while.
Same happened with us few days back, I always hoped I won't have to deal with police, burglars, lawyers. That exactly happened on 12th, whjen mother was  travelling from Pune to Sangamner, her valuables got stolen at hotel where bus halted for few minutes. Since valuables were not in small number we have
to rush to police station. First police refused to lodge complain since we come to know crime next day. So we have to rush to other police station.  Eventully they registered complained. After few days we got call from police station to come for statement and PI asked us to come with all family members. Meantime we called few more top ranking police officer and because of their pressure, things started moving slowly. Few more cops took statement from us. But anybody could guess nobody is working whole heartedly, it's more of saving  their jobs and creating reports. We almost spent 8 hrs in police station just to give our  statment!!

You just feel helpless already you are victim because of  culprits and no cooperation from system in place to protect us. With rampant corruption, nexus between politics-criminals-bureaucrats don't takes us back to foreign rule.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


It's been more than month no blog entry.. Almost felt like I was not existing during this period. What I was doing? Nothing special, why not a single entry to diary? It is obvious nothing special happened during this period but being brain dead for complete month is something everyone has to ponder about. Is it just mood swing or just lack of discipline? I will blame it to discipline. Most of the time we will try to adjust to it when it is with in reach and we wilt  when it start to burden us. No wonder we find people enjoy fruits of hard labor and discipline in their lives.