Saturday, September 27, 2014


After papa's passing away, there was huge vacuum in life. Just returned from USA, left job of Zensar. So life was middle of no where. I did some work for Manoj but it was not major. He planned his trip to Dharan, Nepal. I hesitantly said yes. In my mind I was betraying family going alone while whole family was struggling to come out of Papa's untimely death.

Finally I did mange to go amid big tension in mind about timing of going. Since I want to get out of trouble in last few months, at the same time travelling to east side of country was beckoning.
It was question of few days (10-16 September) so finally boarded train to Jal Pai Gudi with manoj.

Train journey was long and tiring and took 2 days to reach JalPaiGudi. On the way able to see Ganga
river and felt very good to see such a broad river.

After njp to panitanki we went by taxi through scenic siligudi.
Morning we crossed panitanki by walking and entered small town called kakarvitta.
Then from Kakarvitta we went to Dharan by bus.

Next day we spend time in Dharan working with Koirala institute.

On 14th we moved to Darkiling. On 15th went to see Kangchenjunga. Funny part was we couldn't use our own vehicle because in Gorkhaland it is compulsary to use their vehicle only to preserve local interest!

2. njp to panitanki (wb-ind-nepal border) 12 sept
3. kakarvitta-dharan (nepal border to dharan) 12 sept
4. dharan-kiorala institute 13 sept
5. dharan-kakarbhitta 13 sept
6. darjiling 14 sept
7. darjiling-mimik-njp 14 sept
8. train njp nasik 15-16 sept


Going to Kashmir was long time dream, after seeing countless movies and reading about it . Termed as Heaven on Earth was must do list. Once I got job at patni, I quickly planned trip with everybody  from family since was aware that I won't be in India soonSo we booked flight to Srinagar. First flight was to Delhi via Nagpur and second flight was to Srinagar.

We booked our complete journey from Srinagar air port to rest of Kaskmir with Discovery Travel.
First stop was to House Boat where we planned to stay for 3 days, then go to 2 days in Pahelgam, Gulmurg stay 2 day, and then 2 day in Jammu.

First stop at House Boat - Dal lak. It was said that British used to stay here during summer. We were
happy because of freshly cooked food and nice place to stay. Although I felt that water was little dirty in dal lake. Must be because of so many boats parked in small lake.

Next day we went to Sonmarg to play on snow. On the way we saw beautiful valley because of Sindh River. Road to Sonmarg was same road which leads to Ladak. Adwait and Asmi enjoyed snow but at the same time they felt very cold.

Next day in Srinagar visited old city, lal market, Hajarat Bal Shrine and Mogul garden.

Next section of trip was to Pahlgam. Where we trekked to Pahlgam Valley and later went to Betab valley. This valley become popular because of hindi movie Betab.
On the way back to Srinagar, visited Martand - Sun temple. Although in ruins, I felt very happy to see it. At Avantipur, we saw apple farms.

Gulmarg visit was coldest and hotel was also not good. Especially it was very smelly. The two-stage ropeway ferries about 600 people per hour to and from Kongdoori Mountain, a shoulder of nearby Afarwat Peak.

Last leg of trip was to Jammu- for Vaishnav Devi. By this time we were tired but wanted to finish walking 28 km journey to top.