Saturday, December 26, 2009

Genealogical History

Everybody wonders aout their roots, during my childhood (not now!) I always felt my existence is special
and their is great dynasty might have occured to produce me. As I come to terms with world and it's system, I realized futility of my own existance but obsession for ancestors still exists.

My parents stayed in Sangamner, their parents lived near Patan (Dist Satara) and their parents in near by village. Since my great grand father was farmer  and considering pre industrial era (at least in part of satara)
it's safe to say even his great grandfather and his great grand father must be a farmer. We can approximate till 1600. Since we were "PATILS"  (Ruler of Village) and that hierarchy might have started at the time of Shivaji Ruling. Even it is said that Deshumukh/Patilki started  around 1200 during some Muslim ruler... but what about before that?? How ancestors might  have ended up in remote area of Koyana valley, where did they migrate from??

Since we don't have any historical document, we need some kind of scientific experiment to find where we might have migrated? Recent scientific study says human originated in south-west africa and later they migrated first in asia and then other parts of world. First migration is definitely south indians (Dravidian), aborigine in Australia. Some where down the line more migration occurred in Asia and some what this brownish looking people occupied middle part of india.
So my ancestors might be mix of Dravidian and 2nd migration. But this study is very vague and doesn't generate migration pattern of ancestor. In my opinion study of Mitochondrial DNA will definitely solve this puzzle. Mitochondrial DNA is DNA which is transmitted from mother to child. So every person has some foot print of "original african mother"! As we deviate from our African ancestry, this DNA gets mutated. This mutational tells us who were our ancestors (at least from mother side)!

P.S. How ironic it is! On paper we try to propagate paternal immortality continuing father side surname but nature actually propagates maternal immortality!!

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