Thursday, December 31, 2009

Resolution Time

Happy New Year 2010 to everybody..

New year celebration doesn't make much sense. Goto any tourist place and it's already packed. Traffic is mad, beaches are crowded, so the theme park. I remember visiting Florida Universal Studios for new year celebration. We missed morning flight, reschedule flight to noon, drove through traffic to Orlando.Finally reached around 11:00 PM for celebration. Park was full of people and wondering about it was worth traveling more than 10 hours. I was so tired and wanted just go to sleep as soon as possible.
After that year I never tried to get out of home for new year celebration.  I just sit at home, surf channels to see some good events in past and ponder about how year gone by for me.

That reminds me to check my last year's resolutions and mostly are unfulfilled.  Even though I don't fulfill I like to  write resolution for new year. It is not very difficult for me anyway, it's almost same year after year...

Weight loss -- Try to reduce at least 10 kg . This resolution weighs around 90% compare to other resolution. Even with high weighting factor  for this resolution,  by end of year I end with couple of more kg! What to do if there is so much good food around.

List has other points but they are very insignificant compare to weight loss. It includes efficiency, learning new skills, not using sarcastic words ( another difficult job!).

Best wishes to your New Year Resolution ..

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