Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost In Drinks

Other day I was going for a walk, and saw one drunk person. He was barely able to stand. At the same time children playing on street hit plastic ball at him. He collected ball and was trying to throw ball. Some how he was able to grab ball , he has to reheals  throughing of ball for few times, before throwing it 5 feet. I was curiously watching his hand-brain non co-ordination. After throwing ball, he immediately passed out on road, murmuring something.

How can people lie on ground number of hours? Not even bothering about their cleanliness, social status or anything else. Some might argue it's only in lower income group, but better positioned people will do the same thing in closed walls.

Some people are alcoholic, but lot of time I feel like people want to get disconnected with their body from brain, just get rid of what happened on particular day be it hardship, mental stress. Or it may be some lingering issue in life (so that they can have excuse to drink!)

I am not supporting alcoholic but I feel like emotionally these people are flicker minded and try to find some escape from their condition, some disciplined life style can avoid getting into habit or getting out of habit.

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