Monday, December 28, 2009

Multi tasking

These days you see lot of people multi tasking. Calling some one on phone at the time typing something on computer, discussing something with somebody or most probably with wife. When I see someone doing this I felt like they incarnation of  some God/Goddess with more than 2 hands fighting fanatically with evil. I mean how can people manage multi tasking?

My body is designed ONLY for single tasking, I never able to task even two things. When I was in school I spent all my time playing gulli sports like vitti dandu, lapachappi.  My father used to call me Ikanath (Person obsessed with one task - playing ). If I would able to multi task, I could have able to study and saved myself from corporal punishment.

Some how I managed college and some of job years, may be single mindedness of getting degree and earning some money might have worked.

Now my body is resisting to single task as well, now it is demanding once a while nap, channel surfing. Is it because of laziness or body itself is giving up demand for work?

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Anonymous said...

hey single tasker, now maybe your body is asking for multiple tasks and not just single task..continuously you are used to since your birth. Change is always good in life. Have you not heard of "who moved my cheese?". You need to move on buddy in your life. When you stop, your life stops too and it is true for our dear ones too. When you stop being for them, life is gone far from you for sure. Stay tuned, you need it and life is waiting for you. You just need to look around you. Okay?