Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Living thousands of lives

When you grow up in secured small towns (in 80s), your world seems very closed loop. You new very few people and by the time you start exploring town, there are hardly any person left who you don't know. Town's boundary are with in 5 km radius and there is vastness of agricultural land beyond that limit. Advancing beyond this radius was considered adventurous, but it used to give great joy walking around serene fields, streams and patches of trees. It was like our own "life form" shaping up in remote.

And now suddenly with internet and other technical advances no matter where we have got connected across globe. Earthquake, flooding  somewhere in corner but because of constant streaming pictures, started affecting us. Some movie star start blogging or twitting, we know what he is doing daily or sometimes hourly. Some one posting their pictures of travel, I feel like I also visited that place! Same is true with scientist, historians, architects. These online people have capacity to ride us in past or in future without time machine.  

In short we lives others life virtually, considering thousands of know, unknown people we interact, I feel like living thousands of lives.

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