Sunday, September 12, 2010

ignorance is better than knowledge

Above statement must be dangerous in today's world. Today's world, nobody can survive without knowledge. Recently I also started acquiring knowledge about medicine just to be risk free and to avoid going to doctor or hospital. It really helps at least with minor health issues, some home remedies especially aurvedic are really good. 

As my study increase, I started looking inside body parts and trouble started from here only. Body internals have many parts and they do vast functions.. glands -- Endocrine, Exocrine. different joints, ligament,   cartilage, tendon, nervous system and other systems which causes our body to function.

Previous to study I generally had simple problem like cough, headache, some body pain but with new vocabulary .. I started feeling about my illness are more complicated touching internal organs of the part which is affected. I wish now I shouldn't have studied internal organs.. at least I would be peaceful with my body problems. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Prashant,

This is very true in the Medicine. When we know about any particular disease,we try to dig into that and afterwards we even feel that ohh.. I am suffering from that also..then you start thinking on that more. I am agree with you that for this case its better to ignore.

But on the other science its always better to gain knowledge.