Monday, August 2, 2010

Inception -- can we do it to our mind?

Watched Inception accidentally, what a movie!!! I don't recollect watching sci-fi movie with such depth or levels. Creation of real and dream world is fabulous and person's struggle for "fixing" mistakes/events in past conscious and unconscious state of mind is just fantastic. Rather than explaining movie, I will strongly recommend to watch this movie.

While watching Leonardo DiCaprio, I also wondered our struggle to fix things in past and looking better future. But past events, relationship, again and again ambush memory activations of those events .. deliberately, knowing and unknowing by our mind or some extend by people and environment, makes sure we live in circle of depressing past.

PAST activities which has no reference other than some memory imprints not only destroys presents but sows perfect battle ground for future. Worse thing is no matter how hard you try to change that environment, you can't eradicate past. I think I am in limbo -- rightly mentioned in movie ONLY problem is in movie characters goes in limbo in their dreams while I am in reality.

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