Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We look life from our own perspective; it way starts back from our birth. First it defines our financial environment based on our family background. Once we come out of childhood innocence and abundant energy to play, we shape up our perspective based on environment, education and experience/career.

We can rise to highest point of achievement but later on life will show us bottom point as well and other way round. Here is one example --

I met papa’s long time friend at Pension office. I used to like his friend just because of power he held at his government office. Whenever he walked to his office, staff will be on its tows. Staff will be relieved when he will leave office. And now at Pension office he was not even shadow of himself, waiting for his turn to talk with officer. I told one of clerk about his position in government office. Clerk said laughingly “Here we treat everybody equally –from school peon to collector”. Once you retired, you leave behind position you held. I felt very bad for this friend, such a fine leader on his knees.

Life is great leveler, even it doesn’t allow one to live on past glory.

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