Sunday, January 10, 2010


How many times do we blame people around us for unpleasant events happened in our life? Whenever unpleasant thing happened in our life, we try to analyze path we choose at different juncture of life. We then start thinking about other alternative paths we might have taken at that time and start imagining around how that path could have lead us to pleasant one. During this imagining period, we start thinking about what forced us to lead this path and try to find person(s) whose opinion(s) caused this to happen. Ultimately it was we walked that path and not others who voiced their opinions. As far other virtual paths are concern those are just dreamy alternatives, what events would have happened on that path is beyond anybody's imagination. So blaming it on people, horoscope etc doesn't make sense. We choose best optimum path which we think is best during that period of time. Since most of our actions are based on short term visualization rather than long term, we will always try to find escape route to our short comings.

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Abhinay Labade said...

It's true. Many times we blame somebody else for our present.
Only thing I would like to put here is that though we should not blame others but it is good to analyze what went wrong in past so that we will not make same mistake in future.