Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I don't think there is anybody who had not felt he/she was victimized. Be it circumstantial, system or by the person(s). Sooner or later we understand circumstantial/system related abuse and adjust our behavior according to circumstances and systems.

Most complicated is abuse done by people. That's the reason we have complete judicial system in place. But there are small incidences of victimization which can occur in day to day life and doesn't have merit to go through  judicial system and we need to tackle it ourselves.

Most of person related abuses are because of breach of trust. Since trust is mutual and we blame ourselves not understanding distrustful person well in time. In that case mind keeps reminding repeatedly our painful experience. Funny part of mind is we love good time but also forget those good memories soon compare to painful memories.

Best way to get out of those painful memories is keeping occupied with hobbies/activities. Since these painful memories can cause self pity which eventually causes downward spiral effects on our own psyche. So stopping that effect is most important part of other activities. As long as we are not pressing self destruct, any activity is fine.

Sometimes we see there is pattern for victimization. We land up in particular situation repeatedly because some of our weaknesses. Analyzing those weaknesses and avoiding it in future is must!

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