Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Republic Day!!

Whenever I am in India, I always felt 15th August and 26th January as very auspicious days. Whole atmosphere seems to have enthusiasm, early morning white dressed people, NCC cadets rushing towards their respective flag hosting destination is treat to watch.
I used to rush to ground to watch parade and near by college used to have fish-pond function with snack which was great  after early morning activities of getting up and preparing for flag hosting.

Due to explosion of technology and globalization, definition of nation itself has become blur. We came to know what things are bad with India and what are not. We marveled developed nations progress, their cleanliness, their system which keeps most of things accountable. But if you see carefully apart from Europe, rest of countries like USA, Australia first conquered and colonized by white people and later controlled flow of people. Where as in case of India, people are there for ages and running system for more than 1 billion people is not easy.   But some how we survived for 60 years as republic!

But one thing always remained same that is our nation's unconditional love to us, similar to any mother.

Happy Republic Day!!

Police Ground Parade 
Shivajinagar, Pune 

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