Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Will's Will

Last couple of years, I am wondering about creating Will. Not that I have  enormous property which needs to be dispose properly if I die untimely.  I just feel we should have some kind of written documents which we need to fulfill after untimely death, especially some fatherly advice to child at different stages of his/her life. Just penning thoughts for your child's age group (10, 20, 30 yrs etc.) will make us alive for few seconds when child will read it at that time.
Other things we can write down like charity we wanted to do, because of future security we are hesitate to do much in our life time, once we are not around (so our financial burden!!!) we can freely think about some charity.

So I feel like everyone should have one Will, with expiry date set to 2 years, since if we are alive, context might change after year or two and we need to rewrite Will.

 It's very disturbing to think about Will/Death but it's going to happen eventually, even if we consider 100 years of life, (in my case) 30-40% life is already over! Better we act fast and think about our complete life cycle + 10 years before we fed away into nature.

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