Saturday, January 9, 2010

Theory Of Relativity

Physics -- my favorite subject during college days. I was fascinated by Newton because of his contribution to subject. I admired him greatly because not only he was great in physics but also in subjects like mathematics. I always wondered how his physical laws perfectly obeyed his equation, be it orbiting of planets or satellites. I was so fascinated with his laws, I tried to even applied it to my daily life like "every action has reaction", law of motion etc. while fighting or arguing  with  friends.

So for me my world was perfectly fitting into Newton's physics. It was almost like I solved puzzle of life, apply physics along with mathematics and you have answers for everything happening around you!

And one fine day, while reading books on universe, come to know terms like "theory of relativity", metaphysics (science of cosmology - universe) and most importantly phrase "Newtons physical laws fails with relativity - with space, time consideration". It was very shattering to know it. My life time philosophy was shattered by space/time and relativity.

Understanding Einstein's theory of relativity is out of scope for my tiny brain since it involves lot of mathematical equations. Conceptual visualizing is also difficult since it requires universe to be seen with 4 dimensions ( or more). So I stopped applying science to life after knowing this theory, considering anyway this theory will not be ultimate.

Recently I met  two old friends. We almost met after 15-20 years. With both friends, I chatted for hours almost continuing our discussion left 15-20 years back. As we started interacting more, one friend was almost same (except gray hair) what he was 15-20 years back.. But other friend was changed, although he perfectly camouflage his current state with old style interaction and manipulation. But he was not same, he duped many friends ( of course including me!)  and cheated his family. Almost same friends with same background but changed with time and more specifically financial condition.

Anyway it was good learning lesson and most importantly I can now co-relate life equation with relativity theory!

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Abhinay Labade said...

I am also a fan of Law of Relativity. When I moved from Shrirampur to Pune many of my belief about everyday life changed as I was exposed to Pune. After travelling to USA now again it has changed. In a book Cheaper By Dozon, author's father show them a very old house as their new home. After showing that he take them to actual home. Though the new home was not very great, it looked very nice as compare to the old one.