Saturday, January 23, 2010

Real Stress Buster

Now a days stress is part and parcel of daily life. We get stress of anything.. be it dead line for project, even we get stressed out by routine work (grocery!) . You add to routine another parameters like investment, loan, children education, parents health and by the time you finish thinking about it, you are completely toast.

Everybody has their own way of  coming out of stressful scenario. Some took solace in watching TV, reading book or do anything which people love.  I used to do sports activities when I was stressed out and it was really useful. Now a days any sport activity also causes me stress! Any other activities like reading book is very difficult when you are stressed out because your mind is not stable.

Recently though I think real stress buster is watching kids which are less than 4 years old!   As far as we don't have to handle him/her, it is just sheer  fun to watch.

To start with, it's miniature figure of human, we  wonder how nature manage to replicate each body part in such perfect tiny proportion.

Eyes are full of  innocence and very optimistic. Baby smell, soft skin is out of world.
Their energy level is comparatively very higher than us. Even they don't get bored with routine activities.

My favorite is watching kid who is completely lost in his own world playing with toy or talking to self.

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