Thursday, January 7, 2010


Did you ever notice we trend to change our belief over the time? Most of the time, we become more cynical. Is it age, just we get wiser or adopt to realistic world?
I had some very definitive idea about how we should live life .. although it was center around middle class/socialistic  living -- not to disturb other, respect elderly, spend money if required, seek infinite knowledge, faith in God/Nature (or was it just goodness?).

As you become more urban most of these beliefs start shattering with day-day struggle. Most of belief was shattered by USA -- consumable society -- almost destroyed most of it (except good deeds). Consumption by US society is beyond my imagination.. be it food, cloths etc. When I first saw US production and consequently its consumption and later destroying it. After looking poverty in India, US sounded like ultimate answer to everything to eradicate poverty. So I also started following US dream, work fanatically, consume and create lots of garbage.

I always liked to keep little foot print about garbage in India but in US automatically I started creating garbage, even though I was aware of environmental burden. See change in belief.

I think we should be flexible to most of our beliefs, we never know which situation can demolish it!

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Abhinay Labade said...

I agree with you. Mahatma Gandhi was also thinking the same. He used to say whatever I think today is based on my past experiance and knowledge. But tomorrow it might change. In his life he has done it many times. At the time of first world war he helped British but in the same situation for second world war he asked our countryman to oppose the war.