Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belief -- Manipulated

This is little bit continuation of my previous post "Belief". If we change belief considering it has some fundamental flaw that's fine such as some of superstitious activities. What generally we are not aware that  our thought process get manipulated. Be it's religious/social leaders, state machinery or TV programs.

I believed, if anybody has good agenda, it will  automatically propagate to masses like Buddha taught thousands of year back.  But this is not case anymore since people-people passing of knowledge is history. Now there are technological powerful mediums which can affect mass psyche instantly and that's what happening for last 70-80 years (after invention of radio).

State machineries are always powerful to propagate its belief. Be its socialistic approach in 50-90 or current open market approach.  Example in my previous post is best example of manipulation by two state machineries.

With rise of media especially private TV channels, war of manipulating belief intensified. Now each channel tries to manipulate. Kid's channels are trying to manipulate their habits especially eating habits so that they can potential loyal customers for long term. Same is true for different programs and different group of audience. 

News is becoming more sensational as well as becoming paid one. So even news is arranged program.

This market driven approach is not helping individuals to understands what's their basic/family/social needs and start running after hyped beliefs.  One need to sit quietly, go with what mind says without any medium polluting his/her thought.

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