Thursday, February 25, 2010

Self Motivation

Double century by Tendulkar in ODI, records and Sachin goes hand in hand.Watching him now a days breaking records is routine, he uses his skills and expertise in a such a perfection that everything he does on ground looks easy and can anybody can do it with minimum risk.

How he manage to do that for last 20 years? He has achieved everything which anybody can just dream of.
He is famous, rich and young. I know so many rich trying to be famous or other way round. Being in top of world in cricketing world he never felt that he has conquered everything in cricket. Skills apart, how is mind gets ready to repeatedly achieve what he does.

I think reason is, he is very self motivated and supreme confidence about ability of his craft. We lack
most of the time in both areas. One can have little shaky confidence but if he not able to self motivate himself
then he is doomed to fail. No wonder we see people like Tendulkar rising again and again in their defeat and
we marvel how they managed to come out of lean patch or injuries.

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