Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knowledge Explosion

Not long time back we were scraping to get books to seek knowledge. Historically knowledge was monopoly of few choosen by birth. With invention of internet and after specifically rise of Google, KNOWLEDGE most sort after entity became available with touch of button.
I remembered days endlessly surfing trying to get information about some of my favorite subjects. You just wonder about people who put so much wealth of knowledge on internet. You also start wondering how google manage to keep all these information, well indexed and immediately returned after you click search. We struggle to place few files and folders well organized in didgital and real world. In Google's case it's billions of billons data.

Now we come to age of that we have option of anytime knowledge but how do we narrow it to what we exactly required. Google or anyother search engine will return our search query along with their prioritize like advertising etc. So getting only requiered knowledge is as good as finding needle in haystack. To start with we shold be very clear about what we are searching, vague query and we are destined to read something which we are not required eventually wasting our time.

In cyber world, we also get lost in entertainment industry  be it film, news industry. And it is very difficult to get out of it once you hooked to that site. At least those who are grown up without using this technology are little able to live in non internet world. But current generation will go mad if they are cut off from this facility.

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