Friday, March 26, 2010

Cyber Victims

Now a days We live in digital world. Everything which was on paper few years back is now stored digitally somewhere in world.  Be it our correspondence, financial transactions, socialization. Most obvious adventage we take is interacting with people which are physically out of reach. We like to chat, email or share pictures with these members. We feel their presence around us since we can watch "real time" appearence of those people and even if we don't meet those people we don't miss them as we used to decades back.

As any technology has it's other side. There are many people who can use this technology for their adventage and attack innocent users. So we have to careful about our digital life. We should be most careful about what pictures we store on computer/ post on line. Online we are careful since we know it's a public domain but at home laptop we feel like it's private and little carefree about it's content.. Private data such as pictures, finance we store it without thinking if anybody will access it. But that's not true, even though we use "our" computer 98% time, there are chances others will access it mostly if computer fails. When we send it to repair, technician has complete control of hard disk and if he is not busy, he won't hesitate to explore. I know few people who are victim of such a case.

Same is true with online storage, we have to careful what information we are storing and sharing with people. For "core" data we should have strategy to keep it safe either physically or electronically.

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