Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wealth & Population


Recently I found very interesting maps.These are logical maps of wealth accumulated by nations/population with reference to geography. As we see inequality in nature similarly we do see in man made world of richness.
No matter how hard india and china try to elevate their respective countries just because of sheer size of population we can't match with Europe and USA. As my theory goes we always have advantage in disadvantage in our case too. In past if we were less populated, sea bound europeans would have grabbed our land similar to USA, South America, South Africa, Australia. We would have ended up like aboriginals or red Indians or worse case mixed race similar to South America. So what we are now almost saved because of population.

 Europe/US might have higher per capita income but because of population  we don't feel lonely. People might be wondering what is use of so many people if they are not able to earn enough money. That's true till some extend but if you see problems caused by loneliness is western countries is much higher compare to average earning person in India.

We see people desperately trying to meet people. If you watch some of Hollywood movies such as Silence of Lamb, we wonder how person can do anything what is shown in that movie, I think it is because of advance stage of psychological problem of lonely world and movies some extends reflects society.

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