Thursday, March 4, 2010

Virtual Travel

Everybody dreams to travel across globe, watching  new people, their culture,language, food is life enriching experience. I didn't get much chance to travel when I was in school days. Since those days travel itself was difficult because of lack of vehicles, roads. I used to roam around untouched streams especially in rainy seasons.. infinite varieties of mud patterns, insects walking on it and changing patterns and watching freshly washed shrubs. I never imagined such a joy of new places later on. College days we become little adventures and start doing some adventurous travel which involves like trekking, swimming in unknown water. Rather site seeing I enjoyed thrill doing some enduring stuff. I wonder it was really testing body limit or not to spend money.

US job really gave me good time to see really align place till then it was mostly around western Maharashtra. I used to had 4 days week, so got 3 days weekend. So travel extensively during those days and had fun of visiting numerous destination. After a while I realized how tough it is to plan a trip .. we spend almost 50% of time travelling, 30% for rest/food. So effectively we get 20% to 30% of time for trip activities. So travelling all over places ourself is very inefficient and exhausting.

But advances in technology in fields of  photography, movies, internet we don't need to travel all the places.  Virtually we can watch every places where man (or his camera) has reached. I have indexed countries/cities, so whenever I feel like to explore I search based on it and drill down to minute details of that city.

Some of pictures I enjoyed virtually visiting..

Sakura, JapanMountain-Lake, Switzerland

Amazon river, BrazilLi River, China

Palace, LuxembourgLahore

Sweden Denmark BridgeMonaco

Visual treat we can mange but what about  weather and food :(

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