Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chicxulub Crater

Any celestial phenomenons are mind boggling. Impact craters are one of those, when we watch it, we just awed
by it's presence. Out of no where you notice huge circular impact on uniformly placed land. We love watching clean water lake formed no where because of these craters.

Most of craters exist on earth are in range of 20-300 km in diameter. Since we are talking about period of more than million years ago,  there is good chance most of craters are reduced in size or simply vanished because of geographical changes occurred on earth. That way it's good that no major impact had happen recently otherwise human race would have lost before making any impact on earth.

While looking for such a vanished craters, I came across very interesting crater --  Chicxulub crater in Mexico. We can't watch image of it since it's 65 million years old and large part of it is in Gulf of Mexico and so is covered by sea. Since there is no visible mark and obviously there is not any pictures available to image this crater but more I read about this crater, more I feel impact of it.

Scientist claims this crater caused by huge fireball from space. Impact was 2 million times greater than any man made nuclear device. Imagine destruction (or changes!) caused by this impact or more with natural term it was much more higher than any volcanic activities happened recently (400 times). It is said that this impact caused mass extinction including dinosaurs!!!!!

One celestial disaster and in one stroke vanished millions of microscopic life! I can't even imagine scope of it, what is purpose of creating such a life forming world for million years and later destroying it. May be creator (if exist or just events ) also doesn't want stagnant life and wants to experience change.

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