Monday, February 22, 2010

Identity Crisis

Toughest question to answer is "what is our identity?" How do we define our identity? We do possess historical identity based on family background, social environment. We do try to change our identity based on what type of education we get and what career path we follow. There is no doubt about career shapes our identity but at the same time our character shapes career. I mean confident person will be always seen successfully achieving goals set by himself. But it is not true with unsuccessful person. He struggle to find his own identity based on setback he received and time he needs to get out that situation.

These life altering scenarios causes tremendous impact on person's "identity". Same person with some kind of success will assure some assuring identity while string of unsuccessful activities will make split his identity into number of doubtful identities he/she will hold.

Apparently this war of identity will increase as we grow older or relatively in middle ages since path to bridge crisis narrows. While we are young we still feel like we have time in hand to amend.

Also many times scenario changes around us world we know has changed.. more buildings, more people but most of them are new.. old known people are left place or perished. Now a days when I visit ancestral place, it is more distinct, since with people gone their old culture, cloths, businesses also vanished. We do start feeling that we lost our identity with combination of our life path + align places, we feel like we are out of sync in this world.

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