Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Perfectionist Or God

Another Grand slam final finished and yet again  Federer is winner. He has won 16 grand slams by now and being in semifinal for 23 times in a row. So almost for last 5 years he is in semifinal of Grand Slam tournament.  Statistics itself tells how great he is. Same is true with Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan.

Day after day they are able to produce greatest performance in their lives?  They are not machine so obviously they have all shortcomings of any human being like mood swing, aging, physical fitness, injuries. Physical fitness can be little bit managed but not a straining your body. It is very tough avoiding injuries especially level at they play. One has to get out of skin to overcome competition. So physically stress is unavoidable. Same is true with mental stress, these guys are in constant pressure for performing, so inside their brain their is always pressure to perform but we don't see much of outburst from these guys. Even if they fail they get back successfully, more prepared to counter their failure.

These people's rare quality of defying nature laws, makes me feel like they are God. It's very difficult to discipline your body and most importantly mind to perform consistently  no matter what is environ around them. In last 5 years Federer faced almost 11 equally brilliant opponent but he survived. I really wonder if its destiny or their passion for their work and if it is passion what parameters causes them to inspire to such high level.

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