Monday, February 8, 2010

addiction of speed

I really don't enjoy driving, reason is obvious going through traffic, avoiding pedestrians, motorbikes which can come across anytime and from any direction. Keeping 360 degree eye coordination is tough, at least in Pune. But once in a while when you get a empty road out side city ,late night driving or  rickshaws strike,  it's fun to drive in high speed.

You get same experience while driving to Baramati, once you get out of city and timing is not rush hour,  you can enjoy high speed driving. Yesterday I was luck  to drive fast since nobody was with me especially family members who reduces speed by half. When you hit near mark  your vehicle's upper speed limit. At that limit (120 kmph), engine makes serene smooth humming sound. Steering goes into vibration mode and with these vibration,  your brain gets into trance.. it just gets connected to machine, you loose existence of other body part and you get same ecstasy when you  have uncluttered mind or may be being in heaven (if it does exist). Once in while you encounter sharp turn of 90 degrees and your feet and hand scramble to adjust speed and direction. Rush of adrenaline caused by corner, incoming traffic is beyond imagination. Nobody likes to get in to this situation, but realistic world it happens.  Precaution while driving is only answer but still we do take a risk. I try to be very safe driver  but sometimes you just can't resist hitting accelerator!

Why do we take a risk once in while in driving apart from thrill of speed, knowing all consequences of high speed driving? Is it because of physical activities we are lacking or physical limitation we need to overcome using machine?

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