Monday, February 15, 2010

Uncertainty of Life

Bomb explosion in German Bakery in Pune! I never believed anything like this can happen to my city. Lately worried about explosive development of real estate projects and its stress on natural resources but never thought about bomb explosion. Although choice of location is for foreigners but it was a place anybody can go around  for snacks. In short, terrirism is at our door steps. I used to feel like accident, terrorism will never touch our lives since we try to drive safe or live in place which is secured because of location, society etc. But now you feel very uncertain, uncertain about crossing street, visiting public places.

Once you start feeling about uncertainty, insecurity about life, you start also cheerishing life as well. Even little event of happiness gives you extreme joy and memories last for many days. When I was in US, when I used to ask friends "how is life" and answer will be "life sucks". I some how never liked this term. How life can suck where bare minimum necessities of life are well fulfilled?

In India, we always live in some kind of uncertainty so that we are always preoccupied about some of uncertainties and take life as it comes?

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