Saturday, February 13, 2010

Card Game

On Paud road there are many small trucks and many drivers would be playing cards in back of it, when I go around I get so tempted to ask for playing one or two round. Some how I managed to resist my urge to gamble in public! We used to gamble for snack in college days. We used to waste our whole afternoon just for tea and pohe. But it is used to be so much fun, 15-20 friends sitting around having fun. Who were loose will be thinking hard what strategy he should adopt to win next snack. I used to like these setting for number of reason ...
1. Number of topics will come for discussion and it used to be such a learning experience since everybody will share their experience and knowledge.
2. We will avoid afternoon heat, not playing cricket during that time. Evening it used to be fun after refreshment.
3. During PL (preparation leave) it will also relax us from morning study and tensions associated with it.

Similar to playing with friends playing at home is also fun. It brings every family members together and can have some meaningful discussion when everybody is around. If family guest/relatives are also present it will be much more fun.

Root to this hobby might be in my school vacations. We used to visit  ancestral hilly village for every summer vacation. Apart from swimming in river and  occasionally roaming around fields to get mango and jambul there was nothing to do. So non busy Patils will gather for game of cards .. myself, 2 cousins and my grand father where regular members! We will never realized how time will go while playing with them.

How much time  we waste playing card game and how much motivation we get is point to ponder, since my father never used to play with us saying it's just waste of time.

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