Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clean Up

Name itself makes me feel physically active and lighter in weight. How many unnecessary things we stack up? From paper garbage like bills, notes, grocery list to cloths/vehicle parts. We just keep accumulating things and later forget to get rid of it. Sometimes it takes years to clean pile of accumulated stuff which is spread across house.  I love this task of cleaning up, physical exhaustion caused by lifting and throwing things and organizing things again gives immense mental satisfaction.
I guess clean up is inversely proportional to organized person. If person is organized he/she doesn't have to do much of cleaning because at first place they will get rid of what is not necessary. Clean up of other people or actions of other people is very demotivating act. We generally don't like to do it but because of friendship/relation we do. I remember, once one of my friend left her apartment. Myself and one of our common friends spent day to just clean up her house, so pathetic and she didn't had any remorse for mess she accumulated over years.
But best part of cleaning up is once in while you will find very old paper clipping, old shirt or photograph which you preserve and forgot to keep it safe and later lost in piles of others things. Once I found my college day diary which had all day to day activities which included daily exercise, study, sport activities and daily expenses (avg. less than 50 Rs excluding rent and mess. Also don’t forget inflation/year 88-89). My organized activities in diary especially sporting activities welled up my eyes.
Same is true with our memory, how nice it will be if we can clean up some of memories which are not useful but harmful. No wonder great religious philosophers always tell to clean up mind to reach enlightenment.

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