Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back To School

I don't enjoy going to any school. It just brings lot of unwanted memories back in mind. Today I had to visit to meet Adwait's teacher since he was not ready to go to school. Generally he is very happy to go to school since he gets his complete freedom from rest of family. But today his mood was different and he was not happy with his teacher since she scolds him lot for playing  and also asks him to do lot of writing.  Obviously any school kid feels same way.

When I discussed with teacher about issue, she started telling me list of complaints she has with Adwait. While discussing  I remembered my 2nd standard teacher. She was nightmare for me. Her memories were haunting me till end of my school days and I never enjoyed my days in schools.. My main problem was reciting number table. How on earth anybody can remember number table for 19, 23,27? I hated odd numbers for the same reason!

Since I will never able to tell these tables, her punishment included standing on bench , bending and holding foot fingers, keeping ruler on back and sometimes standing outside class. I used to like punishment rather than saying those dreaded numbers. Only frightening  punishment was getting beaten up by cane.

Why do teacher has to go extreme extend to teach student lesson? In Adwait's case she has asked him not to go out of class for recesses. Its obvious teacher has to control whatever 40-60 student class, day in day out and routine  work itself and is boring for teacher (sometimes for parents as well). Teacher prefers discipline than thinking about child psychology.


Anonymous said...

Dear Prashant
really very nice topic...


Abhinay Labade said...

I think teachers might have their own problems in personal life. These problems might be affecting their behaviors in class. I remember one primary teacher in my school. At that time her divorce process was going on. Many times students saw her crying in class. Because of her problems, she used to beat her entire class for very small reasons.