Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chess Unsolved Sport

There are hardly people who doesn't enjoy sports. If people can't play at least they like to watch game. CHESS is only game which is very tough to play as well as watch. This world championship I tried to understand moves by Topalov and Anand and it's beyond my tiny thinking power. But I  do understand that it's great game of skills, psychology and patience. Much like life predictable openings at start of game, middle game shaping the game and game closing based on what happened in middle game.

What makes this game tough is number of moves. One of mathematician said consider average 40 moves game and average player can choose 30 moves, that gives total outcome of game to 10 raised to 120.
I think I will never able to understand chess because of many permutation and combination, so does life..

Anyway congratulations to Anand for hard fought 12 round world championship against Topalov.

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