Sunday, May 30, 2010


When you grow with confusion where you would like to live in urban or rural area without consequences
you live in fantacy world. Being lived in colonised college area, I had similar fantacy of my ancestrial area - Patan.

We used to go there once in a year, so desperation to see cascade of mountains, picturesque river and most important densely spread trees of mango, jackfruit. Our small patan home was like paradise.
Nearby relatives will be always flocking in house so continuous stream of hot tea will be going on. Most of relatives will leave house after having cup of tea and mostly invite members to village their Jatra. I always feared Jatra since I thought I might get lost in sea of people and never able to find family members because everybody looked same because of Gulal. I loved it because of its unique color. Then people will throw dry coconut as God's offering and everybody will ran to catch it.

Best part of Jatra was food.. once I remembered plate of cooked goat blood! It took time to know what I was eating but considered it as challenged and ate. It's been while I attended any Jatra so eagarly waiting for a chance..

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