Thursday, May 27, 2010


There are very few occasions in life you get pleasant surprise. Most of the time we know different consequences of any particular action item or events. But this particular action result was complete surprise.
We wanted to get passport for one of relative who got selected for Saudi job. We submitted passport papers along with tatkal scheme so that we will get passport faster, but lady over counter didn't even bother to look tatkal papers. So passport got applied in normal process. Because of pressure from Saudi employer we thought of using our link in Police Dept who was student of papa and currently serving top post in Maharashtra police dept.
Since I was unaware of his current location I called number which I had 6-7 year back. Top officer after calling promised me to help and told what to do and whom to meet in Satara. Because of his help my relative got immediate police clearance. So I thought of calling to thank him. When I called him, his PA told me that this person is not the same person I was knowing since he was transferred to other position long back. This was big surprise for me since I got help from top bureaucrat who had no relationship with me. He  didn't  demand  anything or flatly refused it.

In current world of bureaucratic corruption, this incident will remain in my memory for many years to come.   

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