Sunday, May 16, 2010

Out of Context

Explosion of communication and damages done by it is presidential .. We do enjoy advantages of it tremendously since we can keep in touch with near and dear once who are thousands of miles away. But sometimes unnecessary , cross talk conversions can be very damaging. Especially who is not on phone call but silently listening 50% conversion. His/Her mind start guessing work immediately while other one is communicating .. More and more conversion becomes lengthy, other persons try to fabricate story out of it.

Same is true with other communication medium, be it verbal, writing. People try to find meaning out of context and comes to conclusion about their thoughts.. If you read carefully amitabh's blog, he devotes almost 20% of time defending such out of context media reports based on his blogging, interviews etc. For such a problem even Amitabh has no solution, what we can do?

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